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Jupiter New Year Update

So it finally happened!

After a week of hard work, some stressful days, and several hundred pounds of explosives (I'm not exaggerating) Jupiter Chair along with Main Bowl and the West Face opened for the season at 1:45 this afternoon. January 1st is not the latest we ever opened (Colin looked that up and found out we have opened Jupiter as late as January 7), but it sure feels like it has taken forever. I have say the area looks a bit 'shamble-ized' with all the shooting, ski cuts and avalanche crowns and debris . To quote Colin on the radio this morning, "War Zone looks like, well....a war zone." Mainbowl_1jan09 One guest I spoke with at the top of Main Bowl looked a bit concerned after the view from the chair and said, "so I see all these avalanches you guys triggered. Can you guarantee me that more won't come down while I'm skiing?" "No," I replied, "I'm not going to guarantee that, but I can tell you we've done everything we can to minimize the chance of that happening." He took off into the bowl and returned later with a smile on his face for several more laps. There is good skiing/riding to be found.

I have to say here again that this is a partial opening. The Scott's Side is not ready and is considered a Closed Avalanche Area. Please obey our ropes and signs and stick to the open terrain. We'll get more open as soon as we can.

Yes, with the thin cover in places and piles of avalanche debris in others Jupiter is less than perfect right now. Despite first impressions, everyone who made it up this afternoon sure seemed to be enjoying themselves. It is after-all Jupiter, the best little chair in the Wasatch. As I was hiking out the High West Road this evening after sweep, it sure felt good to be back. It feels like winter at last.

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