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Jupiter Update

It's taken a week of challenging work, a couple hundred pounds of explosives, and many ski laps; the good news is........

Jupiter Chair, Main Bowl, and the West Face will open tomorrow morning when the resort opens. While we did pull out several more large and small slides, but fear not there are still plenty of good lines to be had. We have a closure up along the west boundary of Salmon Falls, so no Twin Isles, Land o' the Giants, Portuguese, Rhino, or Scotts. Coverage is just too thin in those areas. PLEASE obey our closures and enjoy what is open.

On the subject of respecting our closures, today some knuckle-head took it upon himself to duck two ropes on Pioneer ridge and hike to the top of Puma. Our guys saw him and stopped him before he could put his board on and do something stupid. We were actually shooting in the Jupiter area at the time and he could have easily ended up near or under one of our shots. Needless to say (I hope needless 'cause you all could guess this), we took his pass and his riding days here are over.

I'm gonna say this one more time then go home and enjoy Christmas eve with my wife and puppies. Come on up to Jupiter for Christmas this weekend to reap what we have sowed. But PLEASE remember to use good judgment and stay safe. It's still way too early to get hurt and end your season.

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