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New Year's Eve on Jupiter

Okay, not Jupiter the planet, but on Jupiter in chairlift and in Jupiter the area. 

Since the Christmas storms stopped and we've entered into this short period of high pressure (clear weather), our patrollers have been hard at work up there. In addition to several hours over the last couple days, we spent most of today there with a small crew hard at it. Of course we'd love to have all the patrollers up working on Jupiter, but as busy as the rest of the mountain is right now, we can't pull too many resources (patrollers) away from the open terrain. We did manage to get more avalanche control work done, the lift line padded, and ropes and signage in place. The snow safety work has been daunting considering our unusual snowpack this year. We've had to do extensive control work to root out as many pockets (of unstable snow) as we can find. 

We will continue to work on Jupiter and our goal is to open it as soon as we can. Our initial plan and hope is to have the Main Bowl and West Face areas open before this weekend's storm. Again, I can't make any promises on a time frame, but we are trying. The Scott's side will take considerably more work and may have to wait for a couple more storms. Much of that side has avalanched down to the ground and we'll need a good amount of snow to cover things back up.

I want to give a special thanks to our groomers who did the work allowing us to get to the Jupiter area and to Lift Ops who have kept the chair running for us. A special shout out to Lift Ops Supervisor Armando who has been at Jupiter all day the last couple days getting his ramps all buffed out and running our teams up the chair. Thanks for all your help!

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