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Saturday on the Peak and the 'Cone

Just a quick note before I head to bed. We've picked up about 50 inches of snow in the last week and it's been a very busy, long, yet fun week at work. Yes, I've been getting up at 4 each day and yes, I'm looking at an 80 hour work week. BUT, it's hard to complain when the days have been filled with throwing bombs (at the snow) and skiing lots and lots of powder. This picture of our tracks on the Peak from one of the mornings this week is but a taste of what conditions are like.P2120044 This is why we patrol isn't it??

The unfortunate part of all the snow and associated wind is that we've had a few closures over the week. Yet again today, Jupiter Peak and Pinecone were closed due to high winds and rapid loading of the new snow. I think most the guests today had plenty of first tracks in the terrain that was open. Tomorrow however, will be round 2. What I mean is, we plan shoot and open The Peak and Upper Pinecone in the morning. For those who didn't get enough this week, there will be a whole new batch of deep and steep and soft for you. Even better, the forecast looks like we'll have a classic Wasatch bluebird powder day!

One important note; we will not be opening Lower Pinecone and the gates will be closed at North Two Goons. Unfortunately the blue skies also bring sun, and Lower Pinecone is just too susceptible to wet avalanches inititated by rapid daytime heating this time of year. This area will be VERY DANGEROUS and large potentially UNSURVIVABLE AVALANCHES could easily be triggered by a skier or rider. Please, enjoy the terrain we have open and respect our closures. Remember, we close things to protect YOU, our guests.

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