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Starting off, Thanksgiving 09

So it's again November and we're back; I'm back. About half the patrol is on right now working the 3 runs we have open (thanks to the snowmakers!). I must say those 3 runs are in pretty nice shape and the folks out there seem to be having a fine time. The one joy of a high pressure ridge parked over the Wasatch is it makes for lovely sunny days like today. We are of course longing for snow and the adventures into our upper mountain terrain it provides. Colin, Dave and I (the Snow Safety team) would love to take some walks up high to check things out, but right now I think we're all just happy to be working.

I would like to take a moment to hop on my soapbox and mention something about safe riding habits. Remember that the terrain is limited and many people are out there of all abilities and interests. Please dial it down a bit and be aware of where you are and what's around you. It's a bad scene to get hurt or have your pass pulled this early in the season.

The snow will come and we will get busier doing what we love. In the meantime, we're all gearing up for a big Patroller's Thanksgiving feast tomorrow after work. Kris and Jimmy are hosting the event at their new house in Heber (I trust they know what they are in for!). Happy Thanksgiving, stay safe, and we'll see you out on the hill.

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