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Sunday storm update

If you were on the Mountain today, you no doubt heard the retorts of our explosive control work all morning and into the afternoon. Our storm total is up to 26 inches in Jupiter with over 4 inches of water. This led us to another busy crazy day with a few more HUGE avalanches in the Jupiter Peak, Scott's Bowl, and Pinecone areas. The massive water weight added by this storm (we calculated over 3600 tons of new weight in Scott's Bowl alone) clearly tipped the snow stability scale way over the edge in our upper Mountain terrain. As you also noticed if you were up today, we did not manage to get Jupiter open. The bare bed surfaces and huge debris piles left by the avalanches combined with the poor visibility due to the afternoon storm forced us to make the call that it just was not safe to open.

Tomorrow is another day, we'll be at it again by 5am, and HOPEFULLY conditions will improve enough for us to get Jupiter open. On another note, good luck to Hutch and Miss Belle in their first day of CARTA avalanche doggie school. We hope to get more updates from them throughout their week in Canada.

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