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Thoughts from a patroller

So...the PCMR bloggers wanted some "insight" from the Operations end of things. In fact, if I don't post something soon, Krista may run me off the Mountain. Let's see how I do:

Early season can be a crazy, busy time for the patrol. Our efforts and energies are divided along 3 lines: running the areas of the Mountain that are open to the public, setting up the areas that are not yet open, and training this season's new "class" of patrollers. I am pleased to say that as of this week, we're wrapping up our early season training AND we just about have the entire Mountain ready to open.

Unfortunately, all this hard work has come at a big cost to our patrol. A couple weeks ago while we were doing avalanche control work in preparation for opening the McConkey's area, one patroller was injured in a small avalanche (what we call "taking a ride"). We found out today that he will need arthroscopic surgery to repair his injury and will be off his skis for most of the season. The PCMR Mountain Patrol is a very tight group and we'll all be affected by this. Tonight all our best thoughts and wishes are with our "pard" for a fast and complete recovery!

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