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Turkey Day for Patrollers

It's late Thanksgiving night. My belly is full of bird, pumkin pie, and port wine.

It was a fine day for us on the Mountain. A new cold front pushed through bringing some snow, high winds, and most importantly for now, much colder temps. As we swept the runs at the end of the day, the snow-making guns were going strong for the first time in several days. We should have better coverage come morning and perhaps soon, a few new runs open. A much bigger, colder, and wetter storm is due Sunday and Monday. By next weekend, we should be dealing with a whole new situation: more snow, more runs, more Mountain to work on and enjoy.

This is a great holiday for patrollers (despite the fact we always work, but we do love our jobs). It's the time of year when we all start working again with old and new friends. There was a time when those that weren't working yet would meet at someone's house or appartment near the resort and preprare the meal. Then at the end of the day all the working patrollers would join them for a fine Thanksgiving eve. Times have changed of course. Many of us now have houses and families of our own and head our seperate ways at the end of the day. I do miss those simpler times; perhaps our new generation of patrollers should take up the tradition.

I wanted to give a special thank you this Holiday to Matt, Chris, and all the Food and Beverage folks at our Legacy Lodge for providing the Mountain staff with a great Thanksgiving lunch (I'm sorry I don't know all their names). They happily helped me load up with plenty of meals to deliver to the patrollers out working on the Mountain who otherwise would not have had a chance to join in the meal. A happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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