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"Nothing is over until we decide it is!" Sleeper Powder Day Keeps Winter Going in Park City

"What? Over? Did you say, 'over?' Nothing is over until we decide it is!"
-John Blutarsky, 1962

After nearly five months and more than 200 inches of snow, things had started to warm up this spring and I'll admit I'd pulled out the shorts and was making eyes at my mountain bike hanging in the garage.

Then last night happened, and Old Man Winter came charging through town and onto the mountain with 15 brand new inches of snow like Bluto rallying the Delta Tau Chi brothers in "Animal House" - reminding us that winter in Park City is never over 'til it's over.

As much as I'm looking forward to summer, I was happy to oblige another hit of snow. I passed by the shorts and grabbed my snowbibs on the way out the door this morning. 

I'm never one to deny winter. Or John Blutarksy, for that matter.


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