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Ops Update

I really hate to complain about such beautiful weather but it sure is time to freshen (and whiten) things up around here.  We could get up to 6" at 9000' by Sunday, we'll take it.  Colin, my weather guru, promised me that there are three storms stacking up starting by the end of next week.

The lift operators have taken advantage of the lull.   They made good use of the last snow we got and now they have Motherlode, Three Kings, Eagle and Ski Team ramps pretty much done and just waiting for Colin to deliver on his promise.

This inversion has really slowed the snowmaking production.  STOP, insert note...... In a temperature inversion air doesn't rise because it is trapped near the ground by a layer of warmer air above it.  This means that during an inversion the air temperature actually increases as you move up in elevation.   OK, continuing on....  the King Con area has been slow going.  King Con run, Broadway and the Hot Spot is finished with snowmaking but the inversion has stopped us at about mid Temptaion and King Con Ridge has very little.  About 48 hours of 15 degree temps and we'll have it.  Well never mind the cold, I almost forgot about the "promise".

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