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Park City Mountain Resort Gets New Solar Power

In January of this year, Park City Mountain Resort applied for the Rocky Mountain Power Solar Incentive Program and in February they were selected via lottery.  Two projects are being installed now.  There will be 64 panels on the ticket office and 82 panels on Legacy Lodge.  Each Solarworld panel is rated at 265 watts. The electricity generation capacity of the project is almost 40,000 watts.

The power generated will be used on site as needed.  If more power is generated than used then the power will be sent along the power grid to the next available customer.  That process (net metering) allows for the power meter at these locations to ‘turn backwards’ when sending electricity to the grid which gives PCMR a credit for every kilo-watt hour produced.

The solar array on these buildings use micro-inverters for each panel which allows more power generation if the array becomes partially shaded and might increase the power generation even in unshaded conditions.

The solar array at the top of Silverlode Lift is a 5.7 kilo-watt system.  It generated 8,700 kilo-watt hours of power last year.  The new array at the base is seven times larger than the one at Silverlode.  Will it generate 60,000 kWh’s of power this year?  I can’t wait to see how much is actually produced!

Guessing the actual amount could be a fun contest. 

Learn more about this incentive in Utah and learn about incentives in every state.

Now here’s the real deal.
The incentive amount for the small residential installations at PCMR is $1.00 per AC watt.  That means PCMR will get back over $30,000 from Rocky Mountain Power.  Add that to 30% federal credit, state sales tax exemption and 10% state tax credit and we’re talking real savings 

YOU can take advantage of this program at your business or residence.  Rocky Mountain Power will begin accepting applications for the 2014 program year on January 15, 2014.  They will accept applications during the first two weeks of each program year for all three program sectors. Winners will be selected via lottery.


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