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Payday Update

As I write this the bull wheel/planetary assembly from Payday is being loaded on a truck in our First Time parking lot.  It will be taken to Doppelmayr/CTEC in Salt Lake where we will do the repairs.  The parts from McConkeys have been installed in Payday and the boys are installing the rope.  We are still on schedule for a Wednesday opening of Payday, if all continues to go well.

The planetary I refer to is attached to the bull wheel and you will see the rotating end of it at the top of the lift.  The soffit hides the bull wheel but the planetary actually extends through the soffit.  The one on Silverlode last year had a ring gear inside it that had broken, which caused the main housing to crack and deform.  The planetary from Payday hasn't been opened up yet but the housing is cracked.  This leads us to believe it is a repeat of the Silverlode problem.  This planetary was opened up last summer and non destructive testing (NDT) was done on the parts inside.   There were no problems and that makes this failure even more perplexing.

McConkeys: two complete assemblies of the planetary have been located in Europe.  They are both different configurations than ours but we could use the parts from both to get ours back up.  These planetarys have been manufactured for other customers.  We hope these customers are willing to help us out.                  

Our lift maintenance crew gets our highest praise for the professional job they do each and every day.  When we have a failure such as this they shine even brighter.  It can be so disheartening for them when  they have done everything in their power to keep our lifts running and then have failures of this type that are beyond their control.

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