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Snow Reporting from the Jupiter Snow Stake

select-jupiter-opens-2012-061-snow-stake (select-jupiter-opens-2012-061-snow-stake)
Jupiter Snow Stake, January 27, 2012

Now that Jupiter is open for the season this is the perfect opportunity to talk a bit about snow reporting.
There are two snow stakes at Park City Mountain Resort, one at the Summit Mountain Patrol and one at the top of Jupiter Lift. At the beginning of the season if Jupiter isn’t open, obviously we can’t access the Jupiter stake so we report from the Candy Erickson Memorial Summit stake.  Beginning Saturday January 28th our snow totals will be reported from Jupiter.

This has been standard operating procedure for over 30 years and our annual snow totals are recorded at the Jupiter stake.

One thing you might notice is that our snow base depth and season total will change from 43" base and 84" year to date total on Friday to 53" base and 117" year to date total on Saturday.  The difference obviously is reporting from Jupiter stake.

Another difference is the snow storm totals generally increase when reported from Jupiter stake because the elevation is about 800’ higher and 1½ miles farther southwest of the Summit stake.
If you’re interested in tracking the snowfall or maybe checking the accuracy of the numbers we report, there are several ways.  Please be tolerant of occasional human error.

1)      Our website snow stake page: At the bottom of the snow stake page are two links to NOAA for our stake sites if you would like to see the data as it’s compiled.

2)      If you’re bored at home sometime, you might get a kick out of going to the following web sites:

Utah SnoTel site lists -
The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) installs, operates, and maintains an extensive, automated system (SNOwpack TELemetry or SNOTEL) designed to collect snowpack and related climatic data in the Western United States and Alaska.

In 1935, NRCS, then the Soil Conservation Service, established a formal cooperative Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecasting (SS-WSF) Program to conduct snow surveys and develop accurate and reliable water supply forecasts. The Program operates under technical guidance from the NRCS National Water and Climate Center (NWCC).

MesoWest Database Site Listing -
When you go there you might find it easier to sort by state or elevation because the number of sites is staggering.

Searching these weather reporting sites can be quite time consuming but I think those of you inclined to spend the time will find some fascinating information about snowfall totals, individual snowfall events, water content and temperature ranges along the Wasatch Mountains and beyond.

Happy sipping and searching.

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