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Family Fun on NASTAR

NASTAR racing is something I remember from my childhood in the early 80s. I recall yearning for that elusive Gold medal (there's a Platinum medal now) that I could pin to my coat and wear around to show what a great skier I was.

That was then, now NASTAR is something that my daughter, who is six, enjoys because it's fun. She doesn't race for medals, or a fast time, but just for the fun of dodging around the brightly colored poles (gates) as well as the thrill of tipping out of the start gate on onto the race track.


Whether you race to beat your friends or just for the fun of it. NASTAR is available daily here at Park City Mountain Resort. Conveniently tucked away on Blanche run (accessed via the PayDay lift), it's open daily from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm and is $7 for two runs or $10 for all day racing.

I guess I do still have some competetive drive as I did wind up racing five times last year, plus four times in the local Park City Town Race Series and wound up ranked first among telemarkers in my age group. I'm shooting for it again this season, so feel free to leave your NASTAR account in the comments and we can all compete against each other, I'm at, Eric Hoffman, see you on the race course!

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