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Second day on the mountain!

IMG_9951 I got up on the mountain this morning and took a couple of quick runs to notch my second day of the season. Riding conditions have been improved by the couple of inches of snow that we got last night and Treasure Hollow, which we just opened today, was surprisingly good. Typically it takes a run that is opened with man-made snow a few days to come into shape, but as I noted, the Hollow was already skiing really well. And truth be told, I need to get myself in better skiing shape right now!
I noticed that we were still making snow down in the First Time/Three Kings area but the photo here is of the guns that we've moved up to Upper Homerun off the Bonanza lift (it's a little hard to see, but all that fuzzy looking white is from snow guns). It's looking like if conditions stay good for snowmaking that we might be able to open up Bonanza Lift for the weekend.
In non-skiing/riding news, for those of you that are coming out next month for the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, they have just announced the films that they will be showing, and as always, it looks like a great selection of movies.  I may just have to sneak out a catch a couple of showings, that is, if i can get myself off the mountain!

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