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Snowboard Instructor New Hire Training

As with all ski schools, the start of the winter season is a busy and challenging time! We are like busy little elves, but instead of preparing for Christmas we are preparing new hire instructors for the winter ahead. We have a high retention of instructors but its always great to bring in fresh faces.

This year we had over 650 applications from all over the world who wanted to work for our ski school, with not too many openings available. This week was the start of new hire training for snowboard school. A chance to meet the new hires and see what skills they bring to the team.

As always, we have a great cross section of new hires from various backgrounds and different walks of life. We have ex-military, marine biologist and school teachers to name a few. Some have even revealed that its been a life-long dream to become a snowboard instructor.

The training is super fun and consists of eight days at the start of the season along with continued education both in the classroom and on the mountain during the season. The trainers at Park City Mountain Resort really enjoy this time, spending time with new people and molding them into instructors. It's not as difficult as navy seal training but it is no cake walk either.

We go up on the mountain with an average of nine new hires, to one trainer. We start with working on their riding skills, they already have to be proficient riders before they apply to become instructors, but many bad habits must be broken and new skills applied. An instructor in uniform must ride with a high level of professionalism, always being conscious of their surroundings and set an example to the public.

During these eight days on the mountain you really start to invest your time and energy into these people and build great companionship. Watching the light bulbs turn on for the new hires, as they start to look at certain things from a different angle is always fun. As trainers, we put them under pressure to perform. Whether its in their riding or their presentation of information as they practice teaching. Each instructor is part of the overall Park City Mountain Resort snowboard school team, a vital cog in the Park City Mountain Resort ski school machine. Whether its a new hire or season veteran, we are very confident our customers will receive the same product.

As we near the end of new hire training, its awesome to see the growth of our new hire instructors along with their passion for winter sports. Once they start teaching, there is no better feeling as a trainer then when they come rushing up to to tell you about the lesson they just taught. When they and their students have had so much fun together and I know they've caught the teaching bug. We are out here changing lives people. See you on the slopes.

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