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Signature 3 Snowboard Program for Mini Shredders

big-and-little-snowboard (big-and-little-snowboard)

My snowboard next to a tiny Signature 3 snowboard.

Park City Mountain Resort is very excited to launch our new Signature 3 Snowboard program, aimed specifically at mini shredders. Oh, for those that don't know shredders is slang for snowboarders.

The Signature 3 Snowboard program is for 5 and 6 year olds. The beauty of the Signature 3 Program is that there is never more than 3 students in a class, so it is basically a private lesson. Snowboard technolgy has progressed leaps and bounds in the last few years,  and now there are snowboards made specifically for the mini shredder. These new boards have V rockers and bevelled edges, which makes learning to snowboard a ton easier. I only wish that technology was around when I learned to snowboard! 

V rocker and bevelled edges make it easier to turn and control a snowboard and reduces the chances of catching the wrong edge, which often results in a big thud! The base of the snowboard has a very slight v in it which means the edges are slighty higher than the base which gives a looser feel to the board. Also the new flex and length of the boards are much better now for kids to ride and enjoy.
One of the main difference between the Signature 3 and the Signature 5 ski and snowboard school program is that the 5 & 6 year olds aren't on the snow for six hours. Six hours is often too long for the little guys and girls, as fatigue can set in especially at over 7000 ft above sea level.  They are in the Signature 3 snowboard program for a full day, but it is broken down into two-two hour on snow sessions. This gives them breaks during the day so that they can learn at a pace which is much better for them. They are with the same instructor for the whole day. We teach them through stories and games which keeps the kids very engaged in the lesson, whether they are pretending to be their favorite animals or super hero.

As the little guys don't have the fine motor skills as older children and adults, it definitely takes them a little longer to learn how to snowboard. But they sure have a blast when they are learning and with access to three magic carpets, the experience is greatly enhanced. The instructors working in the Signature 3 snowboard program work full time in that program so they know exactly how to produce a fun, safe learning environment for the children. After all snowboarding is all about having fun and creating memories. The Signature 3 program is a great way to introduce snowboarding to the mini shredders. As Whitney Houston says, "Children are the future!"

See you on the slopes.

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