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Navigate the Mountain without Silverlode Lift

Last night I fell asleep on the couch watching the BCS game (what a great game eh!). I woke up at 10 pm to go into my bed and happened to check my phone (I have a technology addiction) and saw I had missed two calls from my Boy Brent, our director of mountain operations. He was calling to tell me that Silverlode would not be open today as it was on a maintenance hold. Apparently yesterday, after we closed, the lift sounded weird and so they checked it and realized they needed a new part. We did not have the part so we called the lift manufacturer in Salt Lake and they delivered the new part this morning (Brian, our operations manager, just came into my office to tell me the part arrived at 7:30). Long story short, Silverlode will not be open today but we anticipate it will open tomorrow morning.

You can look at this two ways:

1) Be upset because your entire ski day on the mountain includes lapping Assessment run 20 times and now it will take a bit longer to do that (you will have to ski from the top of Silverlode to the bottom of King Con, Up King Con Lift to Gotcha Cutoff or Erika's Gold and down to PayDay or Crescent lift to Bonanza Lift and repeat.


2) Plan out one of the best days on the mountain enjoying fresh powder (it snowed 5 inches overnight) and exploring parts of the mountain that you typically neglect. If I were skiing today (and felt like having a groomed intermediate day) this would be my route:

  1. Take Crescent Lift up to the top and take Shortline to McConkey's Lift.
  2. Exit McConkey's Lift to the right and take a run down Sunrise, a fantastic Signature Run that was groomed for the third time this season last night.

  3. Ride McConkey's Chair and exit left to Tycoon. Take Tycoon run to the bottom of Pioneer.

  4. Ride Pioneer and exit right. Take Homerun to Mid Mountain Meadows to Pioneer Lift. 

  5. Ride Pioneer and exit right. Take Keystone run to Thaynes lift. 

  6. Ride Thaynes and exit left. Take Parley's Park to Sunnyside.

  7. Ride Motherlode and exit left. Take Parley's Park to Carbide Cut. 

  8. Ride Motherlode and exit straight. Take Homerun to Silver Skis, another groomed Signature Run.  

  9. Eat from the Salad Bar in Legacy Cafe on the second floor of the Legacy Lodge.

  10. Go back to my office and do some work!

Now of course, if I wanted to ski great untracked powder all day, I would probably do the first option but hit up Dynamite, Newport, Powder Keg and Assessment off of Silverlode.

What would your day look like? I'd love to hear how you would ski/ride the Resort differently. Have a great day out there! The sun is starting to peak out so it looks like we are going to have a powderlicious blue-bird day!

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