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Why I Waited to Ski Until Today

Typcially by this time of the year I have already skied a handful of times. However, with my current condition (read: 5 mos pregnant) I decided I was only going to ski a handful of times. Well today happened to be the first of the handful of times. I had to go out for "work" to shoot a quick video (posted here soon) on the best way to experience the mountain during our busy times. We started filming a couple segments around the Base Area in very cold temperatures (single digits) and I wasn't so sure that I picked the right "first day". That all changed when I received a call from my boy Brent, our Director of Mountain Operations, at 9:30 am. He informed me that our wonderful snow safety team was finishing up Avalanche Control work on Ski Team Ridge and they were going to drop the rope line for the first time this season!

My videographer Erik and I quickly jumped on Crescent Lift (my favorite lift on the mountain) for a speedy ride to the top where we eagerly waited 30 minutes at Erika's Gold, recruiting others to join us, for patrol to drop the rope. And boy was it worth the wait! There is just something about being knee deep in powder, snow flying all around you with a big grin on your face that takes all of your worries away. You can forget about the work piled high on your desk or the big stresses of this crazy world. For just that moment, nothing else matters. You're just floating on top of the world! I've come to realize that for me, I don't need more "cowbell" as Bruce Dickinson recommends in my favorite SNL skit. I need more "POW" bell. Do you agree?!

Although my legs are still burning and the baby is crazily kicking, I couldn't have asked for a better first day on the mountain. Another affirmation as to why I love my job!

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