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Trailblazer Tuesday: Double time! Hike and Bike

We’ve told you before about multitude of things to do in the summer in Park City. This past weekend, I had one of those days while "researching" for this week’s Trailblazer Tuesday. Sometimes you truly can’t have too much of a good thing.

It had been a few weeks since I had gotten out on my bike, so I was very excited that I was "obligated" to go for a ride on Sunday, but my biking buddy couldn’t go until 5 p.m. To someone like me, who is terrible at lounging, that was practically a recipe for disaster. So, I did what any crazed, lunatic would do. I took Stella and Gracie for a little jaunt.

s-g (s-g)

Trails: Sweeney’s Switchback, John’s, 420, Grave Digger, Daly Ave., Daly Bypass (this is one of my go-to combos when I need to get out and enjoy everything Park City has to offer).

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes, 5.77 miles

Difficulty: Intermediate

Don’t Forget: Water (for yourself and your canine friends), sunscreen, trail map, camera and a snack to enjoy as you take in the scenery.

The Details: You can access Sweeney’s Switchbacks from either Town Lift or Upper Norfolk in Historic Park City. Sweeney’s is one of the premier trails in Park City and has so many great trails linking to and from the switchbacks. After a little more than two miles, you find yourself at the top of the Town Lift runs. Pass the continuation of Sweeney’s Switchback and take Johns, the next trail on your right. John’s winds up through a beautiful aspen grove providing a nice reprieve from the lower sections of the trail. Once you arrive at the next fork, you are going to turn left. You are going to think this is wrong, because the trail sign directs you to go either straight or right. Trust me, for this trail, turn left.

s_g_sweeney-s_john-s (s_g_sweeney-s_john-s)

You will cruise up a double track trail, eventually jumping back on single track with a left turn. From here, you will actually cross King Road and continue along the trail. The next tricky park comes up when you access yet another double track above a dried up creek bed. Here you are going to turn right and look for the bike trail sign. This is almost the last tricky bit, I promise. Once you find the single track again, you have arrived on Grave Digger. Grave Digger, is another awesome trail that is seldom used, although it provides great shade and a great constant pitch with a few rolling hills as well. When you come to the end of Grave Digger, you are going to follow the double track road down. Seriously, just go down, when it doubt go down. I promise you will thank me at this point; you will have just conquered a few hills. I lik to hit Daly Bypass, on the left, right before you get to Daly Ave; however if you are unfamiliar with Daly Ave. continue your stroll down Daly Ave. There is a great eclectic mix of old and new homes that do a great job capturing the Park City Spirit. By now, if your canine friends aren’t ready for a nap, then I don’t envy you. Gracie and Stella both napped the rest of the afternoon, which meant I was able to sneak out on a bike ride!

bike-sign (bike-sign)

I have to make this short and sweet as I have already went over my word limit….Fortunately, the trail we choose was a super quick, fun ride! I met Steph and 4:50 just in time to jump on Town Lift. After a great ride, catching up on life, we hopped off and headed toward Mid-Mountain. Mid-Mountain to Crescent Mine Grade, that’s it but it was great! You may have heard Spiro has been a bit closed for some work this summer; I may actually be a CMG convert after Saturday’s ride. Now, this is a pretty popular uphill trail, but ride down it! It’s spectacular. All in all, it was an hour and a half and that includes the lift ride, but a great ride and way to end a beautiful day!

mmt (mmt)

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