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Meet Tremper: The Newest Addition to our Avalanche Rescue Dog Team

tremper_0129 (tremper_0129)

Meet Tremper, the newest addition to our snow safety team. This little guy is a golden retriever who has been brought onto the team to be trained as an avalanche rescue dog. Tremper has a huge namesake, being named after Bruce Tremper, Director of the Utah Avalanche Center.

tremper_0135 (tremper_0135)

At only 7 weeks old, Tremper began logging hours on hill. Based up at Summit Patrol, Tremper spends his day riding around the mountain with his handler Andrew Hennigh getting acclimated to the snow and scenery.

tremper_0141 (tremper_0141)

Tremper is learning how to ride on the front of a snowmobile and ride on chairlifts. He goes out in the morning with the team as they do avalanche safety work, so he will be used to the sounds of the avalanche bombs. Lately, he is learning to run behing Andrew as he skis around the mountain. Mostly, he is getting an introduction to the snow and all the sounds and activity that correspond with mountain patrol.

tremper_0149 (tremper_0149)

Even as a puppy, Tremper spends his entire day based at Summit Patrol. When he is not out on the mountain (or sleeping) Andrew works with him on basic obedience skills. One of the drills he has started with Tremper at this young age is a game of hide and seek. Andrew will hide somewhere in the snow and Tremper will come find him! It's also important for Tremper to interact with the other avalanche rescue dogs at the resort.

tremper_0158 (tremper_0158)

If you have any interest in meeting the avalanche rescue dogs or watching them at work, come up to the Summit Patrol or any of the patrol stations. You are welcome to meet them and maybe even see them perform a drill.

tremper-meets-bruce-tremper (tremper-meets-bruce-tremper)
Little Tremper meet his namesake, Bruce Tremper, Director of Utah Avalanche Center.


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