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Out with the Old: Three Kings Lift is Getting a Face Lift

Yes, that was the sound of a helicopter flying over Park City Mountain Resort this afternoon. We have begun the process of removing the existing Three Kings chairlift, a beloved double that provided direct access to Three Kings Terrain Park. Today a helicopter removed each of the towers from the Three Kings lift line.

removing-3-kings (removing-3-kings)

If you were lucky enough to see this process firsthand, than you were probably as astonished as I was. The helicopter hovers over the lift tower while using a remote controlled hook to secure the tower. Once secure, he flies the lift tower over to the parking loft and gently maneuvers it to the ground. Cars were lined up along Empire Ave, each one hanging their head out the window to get a glimpse of the action.

This summer we will be replacing Three Kings Chairlift, among other improvements around the resort and mountain. Stay tuned for details!

lift-in-parking-lot (lift-in-parking-lot)

moving-3-kings-lift (moving-3-kings-lift)


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