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Making the Transition from Winter Resort to Summer Resort

Guest Post by James Sindt, PCMR Risk Manager

This all started when I looked out the window just now and saw snow falling.  That caused me to reflect on the fact that I am one of those people who enjoy the end of the season (more snow, better weather, less people) more than the beginning.  That started me thinking about the resort and the state of the snow and trails.

pushing-snow (pushing-snow)
Cats pushing snow out of the base area of the resort.

What I realized is that Park City Mountain Resort has started the transition from winter resort to summer resort.  Our groomers are starting to push snow aside to make way for the Alpine Slide and all the other attractions in our base area.  Mountain Patrol is finishing up the daunting task of packing away all the bamboo, ropes and pads necessary for skiing and snowboarding.  Lift Operations has started the switch over to hiker and bikers on PayDay and Town lift, a very different mode from skiers and snowboarders. 

I realized that this is no longer a Ski Resort.
Sure, it’s tempting to try to get a few last turns before the snow melts away for summer, but the activity level on the trails and around the lifts and restaurants make that a bad idea here at the resort.  I never know when I will encounter machines like groomers or snowmobiles.  I know that there will be no ready help if I get hurt, and none of my favorite restaurants are open this time of year.  Really it’s like being in the backcountry and I never go there alone.  My last ski run for the 2011 season may have already happened.

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