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PCMR Wins W.B.L.I.'s for the Second Year in a Row

Guest Post by Drew Porter

all teams (pcmr-wbli-photos-527)

I had a great time at the W.B.L.I. (Wasatch Backside Lifty Invitational) this year. As a first year team member I had no idea what to expect from the competition. Other lifties began talking about this event at the beginning of the season and from their stories I knew one thing... it would be a lot of fun. On the first night of the main events I immediately knew I wouldn't be disappointed. Before the competition kicked off, everyone was hanging out, listening to the music, getting pumped for the events, and overall just rallying our team to defend our title.

tug-o-war-2 (tug-o-war-2)

I think that the type of people who become lifties are competitive by nature. Most of us love skiing and snowboarding and strive to get better and push the limits of what we can do on the slopes. This competitive nature was apparent at the W.B.L.I.'s during each event. We all wanted to defend P.C.M.R.'s title as returning champs, and there was no way we were going to let the weaker lifties (in our opinion) of Canyons and Deer Valley take the trophy away.

Snow Pile (snow-pile)

Competing in the events was great, but personally, I think cheering on our P.C.M.R. team from the sidelines was just as much fun. I loved waving the red and white flags around and trying to get everyone to chant and yell for our lifties that were competing in each event. Something about standing next to my team members, yelling at the top of our lungs together to encourage our team as they dug through a huge pile of snow to uncover lost and found items, made me feel like I was a lot closer to them than I was two weeks ago. There were some lifties that I have never seen at work, that I did the boot race with, or started cheers with, and we had a great time together because of the team we were a part of and the pride we have in our resort.

Flags (pcmr-wbli-photos-505)

I think my favorite part of the W.B.L.I.'s was dressing up as crazy as I could for Friday's events, and just going all out on the last day to cheer on the team. It's not often that I get to run circles around a guy dressed as a moose (Canyons mascot) waving a P.C.M.R. flag after my friends fill a trashcan with snow (in the shortest amount of time.) Sure I got a snowball to the chest for doing that, and at Wednesday's events I got my flag stolen by a Deer Valley employee. But all of us know that it's just good fun, and despite the smack talk between all the resorts, I love to compete, and it's great to do it with lifties from other resorts.
What can I say? It's great to have fun with friends that I work with, do events that practically everyone can be a part of, and do it all just for the fun of it. But it also feels good to win, and P.C.M.R. did not disappoint this year. We won it all for the second year in a row, because we have an awesome lift ops crew, and it feels very good to be a part of a winning team and a great resort.

Lift Ops Winning Photo (pcmr-wbli-photos-533)


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