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Storm cycles are good (and more openings!)

Decsnow1The storm that's been over us since Thursday moved on, but it left us with over 33 inches of fresh Utah powder. With that kind of storm total i had to get up on the mountain and although I only took 4 runs today, they were darn good runs. Here's a pic of me (on the left) coming down the freshly opened Sampson run off of Pioneer lift this morning. Decsnow2I pulled along a couple of folks up from the office to make some turns with me (see on the right)  and they can attest that this was some fine Utah powder conditions.
Hopefully you made it out today, but as I put in the title of this post, I do have some additional openings to pass along - we are scheduled to open, at 10am tomorrow, McConkey's  Lift serving  McConkey's Bowl, Sunrise and Buckeye runs (all ungroomed) along with Tycoon and the new Georgeanna runs (both groomed).
I was planning on knocking out a bunch of work first thing tomorrow and now I guess I'm going to have to really knock it out 'cause McConkey's was looking awfully good today - hope to see everyone out there tomorrow at 10 and be sure to bring your snorkels 'cause its gonna be deep!

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