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What's a Signature Run?

Silver_king Perhaps you've noticed something called a Signature Run if you've been up and around at Park City Mountain Resort in the past year or so. Our Signature Runs are 15 advanced runs that are groomed on a regular rotating basis. I skied Silver King first thing this morning and I can personally vouch for the fact that a signature run really is a cool thing! If you blow up the photo to the left you can see how we groom a swath of corduroy from one edge of the run to the other to provide a unique experience. This really lets you "conquer more of the mountain" because when you're on a freshly groomed Signature Run you don't need to worry about bumps and crud that typically are the conditions on runs like these at other Resorts.

Check out our daily grooming report (groomed Signature Runs are noted with an |S|)or pick up a daily groomed runs map from any of our Mountain Hosts and experience the difference for yourself!

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