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Off the Rack: Elemental Protection

Well, it's officially July and it is hot.

Just because the weather is hotter than average, that doesn't mean our active lifestyles are going to stop. A great way to beat the heat is by heading up the mountain and enjoying some of the trails that weave through the trees. Trail running is a popular activity that many people enjoy, and Legacy Sports has a few great shoe options for this sport.

Salomon Shoes

Salomon has made a line of shoes that is ideal for trail running and hiking. The XR Mission for women and XA Pro 3D Ultra for men are two popular styles that Salomon has made for the past few years. They are lightweight and ideal for trail running. Newest this year are Salomon's Kalalau shoes, with a line for both men and women. In addition to being lightweight, breathable and great for trail activities, these shoes also contain a quick drying mesh, making these shoes versatile for trails or water, making them the only trail shoe you would really need.


Next on our list of summer must-haves for beating the sun and heat are Suncloud Sunglasses. These are polarized sunglasses for men and women, available for only $49.95, and are one of the best values I've seen for a pair of shades. Suncloud is so sure you'll be happy with the quality of your purchase,  they offer a lifetime warranty on their sunglasses. Plus, they just look good.


And finally, here's a product to face the worst summertime enemy: Sun, and its dangerous UV radiation. Sun Bum is a newer line of sun protection products, started in 2010, that has been tested, approved and endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation. That's a pretty big deal to pale, sunburn-prone me. Sun Bum products are hypoallergenic, ultra waterproof and sweatproof and paraben free, all while providing protection against broad spectrum UVA/UVB rays. There are a variety of SPF levels, as well, from 15 - 70, for coverage for all skin types. Added bonus: their products don't smell like your typical sunscreen, and seem more like lotion than anything else.

Don't let the summer heat and sun beat you! Get out there and enjoy the endless summertime activities in the Park City area, before winter comes back and the ski-après-sleep-repeat cycle returns (which isn't too shabby either).

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