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Ask a Snowmama: Should my 9 year old learn to ski or snowboard?

I will be traveling with my 2 boys – ages 21 and 9 to Park City Mountain Resort for the first time.  My older son and I have enjoyed our father son trip to SNOWBIRD every year since he was about 11.  I've heard great things about Park City and thought we would try that this year. My older son and I are once a year skiers and ski mostly BLUE routes. My youngest will be a first timer, and we hope to ski as a family after a couple of days in ski/snowboard school.

Do you have a recommendation on whether to have my 9 year old learn to Ski or Snowboard?

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If you have some influence, and your son wants to be able to be on the mountain with yourself and older brother ASAP I would definitely push him toward skiing, and here’s why. He will become mobile much faster, and on the average skiers can manage all of our green terrain easily after a few days of lessons. Skiing is quick to learn to an intermediate point, challenging to master.
Snowboarding is much the opposite, challenging at first, then much easier to become skilled after some time learning the basics. I usually tell people to plan on 3 full days on a board before you even feel comfortable and starting to link your turns. On skis you can learn that in one day.
I’m so glad to hear that you have heard great things about our mountain, we sure love it! We have fabulous green terrain from the top of our mountain, the Summit, and much of it is very close/same lifts to some nice blue terrain. Our Signature 5 lessons will have your son mobile quickly, and my hope is that he has so much fun with us, he won’t want to ski with you guys. Ha!
I hope this helps, so many of the kids want to learn to snowboard over skiing, and if that is his real interest maybe consider letting him take a snowboard lesson before you head home too.

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