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Tipping Your Ski or Snowboard Instructor

Didn’t know you were supposed to tip your ski instructor?  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Many parents are not sure if they are supposed to tip their instructor, how to tip them or what is an appropriate amount.

tipping-your-instructor (tipping-your-instructor)

After interviewing snowmamas and papas, ski instructors and Mary Flinn Ware, the head of the Kid’s Mountain School at Park City Mountain Resort, here are some guidelines to help you.

1.    A tip is not expected, but it is VERY appreciated. As in any service business, a tip is a thank you for good service. Your child’s ski or snowboard instructor has been with your precious little one all day, pulling them out of the snow, encouraging them when they are scared, holding their hand, getting them hot cocoa, wiping noses and sometimes bottoms.  It’s a hard job, it’s a job worth thanking for.

2.    Yes, ski school is expensive, but the tip is not included.  Just like eating at a nice restaurant, if you can afford the meal, you can afford the tip.

3.    As a general guideline, most parents are giving $10-$20 per day for group lessons.  Just slip the instructor the folded bill when thanking them for the long day they’ve spent with your superstar.  Half that for half day lessons.  Park City Mountain Resort’s  Flinn says $5 is acceptable and would be appreciated. She adds that a tip is not mandatory.  For private lessons, give $50 for half day, $100 for a full day is typical.  Some tip more, some tip less, but everyone tips for a private lesson.

4.    If you don’t see your child’s instructor at the end of the day, you can leave a tip in at the front desk.  You can also give the tip to the Resort Services Office and they will deliver it for you.  Forgot cash?  They will even let you tip on a credit card.

5.    If you have an issue with the instructor, the ski school directors are there to help.  They are there every morning and afternoon helping the kids and instructors to get on the mountain.  Share your concerns, they can remedy any situation, but only if you make them aware of it.  

Sheri Lukas who works as a scanner at PCMR had this observation about why it’s important to thank the instructors who do so much for our kids.

 “While working as a scanner at PCMR I have seen some amazing instructors! Last week during the afternoon storm they were troopers, while most everyone else had abandoned the wind and snow blowing in their faces, the instructors were soldiering on with those kids. I heard them joking, consoling, encouraging and playing with the kids to keep them going until the end of the day. The patience and love they show for their job and teaching the children to love skiing or snowboarding is truly inspiring! I encourage parents to show appreciation and tip these hard working instructors.”

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