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Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) is a world-class resort where success is derived from the dedication and passion of our team members. If you enjoy: adventure, incredible snow, amazing terrain parks, a fun and friendly lifestyle, 360 inches of average annual snowfall, meeting new people from all over the world, a real town and flexible work schedules, PCMR may be the right match for you. Be a part of our 50th Anniversary Season, in 2013-14, by becoming a team member.

Things to consider when applying:

Park City Mountain Resort's Values

  • Safety always comes first.
  • Everyone and everything matters.
  • Be passionate and innovative.
  • Real people creating genuine experiences.
  • Be stewards of the environment to protect the future.
  • Be financially disciplined.
  • Enjoy what you do, share the joy with our guests.

Park City Mountain Resort's Dress and Appearance Standards

As a team member of Park City Mountain Resort you represent our Company. Therefore, we have expectations regarding your appearance while working with us. Below are the Company standards.

Personal Appearance

Hair: Hair must be kept neat, clean, and in compliance with the following standards. Hair must be a natural hair color (i.e. not green) and radical hairstyles (including but not limited to mohawks and dreadlocks) are not allowed. Your hairstyle must not interfere with your job duties. Men’s hair must be neatly groomed and tapered above the eyebrows and the collar of a polo style shirt (cannot be all one length). Hair of an otherwise unacceptable style or length may not be hidden underneath a hat to avoid this policy. Certain job positions may require more demanding guidelines due to department or Health and Safety standards.

Facial Hair: Well-defined and well-developed facial hair is permitted as long as it remains neat and trimmed to a length of ¾ of an inch or less. Facial hair must meet this standard prior to your work day. Otherwise we expect you to be clean-shaven at the start of each shift.

Personal Hygiene: Personal and oral hygiene are vital. Extreme or offensive odors are not acceptable to our guests or team members.

Jewelry and Tattoos: Visible body piercing jewelry is permitted provided that it is limited to the ears and a single discrete nose stud. Any gauges in the ears must be worn with fillers or plugs of the appropriate matching skin tone and may not be larger than a dime. Visible body piercing, other than the above, including tongue piercing, is not allowed. For safety reasons, certain types of jewelry or earrings may not be allowed depending on the job. Visible tattoos must be discreet and non-offensive.

Overall Appearance: An extreme or bizarre personal appearance that draws undue personal attention is inappropriate and not acceptable for either men or women.

Drug-Free Workplace

Park City Mountain Resort is committed to a drug free workplace. It is the intent of Park City Mountain Resort to provide a healthy and productive work force and safe working conditions free from the effects of drugs and alcohol. Drug testing is performed by random selection, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion. Park City Mountain Resort's drug policy applies to all team members.

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