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FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships Halfpipe Finals Athletes Announced

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February 4, 2011

The FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships Halfpipe qualifiers took place Friday, February 4, 2011 in Park City Mountain Resort’s Eagle Superpipe.  22 women and 33 men competed in the FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships Halfpipe qualifier event.

The top 12 men and women will advance to the Halfpipe finals, which will take place Saturday, February 5, beginning at 11:00 a.m. in Park City Mountain Resort’s Eagle Superpipe.  


HUDAK Jennifer                                          USA                 44.30

SIGOURNEY Brita                                        USA                 43.00

HANSEN Keltie                                            CAN                42.70

GROENEWOUD Rosalind                         CAN                41.40

LOGAN Devin                                              USA                41.10

BURKE Sarah                                               CAN                39.00

AERTS Katrien                                             BEL                35.90

MATSUURA Emi                                         JPN                 31.90

LONSDALE Emma                                      GBR                31.80

CARADEUX  Anais                                      FRA                31.30

JAEGER Mirjam                                          SUI                 30.10

MITSUBOSHI Manami                              JPN                 28.40



RIDDLE Micheal                                         CAN                44.40

DUMONT Simon                                         USA                44.20

ROLLAND Kevin                                         FRA                43.60

WISE David                                                  USA                42.50

PERKINS Tucker                                         USA                41.20

WELLS Byron                                              NZE                40.60

DOREY Justin                                              CAN                40.30

BERTONI Xavier                                         FRA                38.80

WELLS Josiah                                              NZE                38.40

BOWMAN Noah                                          CAN                38.30

VALENTIN Benoit                                      FRA                38.10

LAUPER Nils                                                SUI                 37.60


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