How can we help you protect your playground?

Protect Your Playground

Playgrounds aren’t limited to spaces for swings and slides. They are also the mountains we ski down and hike up, the skate and terrain parks that consume our days, and the countless havens boosting our next big adventure.

But what would our world, our lives, be without these playgrounds? The continued use of these is only guaranteed by our consciousness today. There is a wealth of inspired ideas to protect local environments, but the vision for change doesn’t always come with the necessary resources to make that dream a reality.

Protect Your Playground exists to empower and inspire individuals to identify and develop solutions for environmental issues that affect their local natural playgrounds. We know that by providing innovative, environmentally minded individuals with the tools and resources they need to turn their ideas into action and impact, together we can make systemic, lasting contributions to our communities. 

The question is: how can we help you Protect Your Playground? 

Announcing our Class of 2014 project winners.

On Earth Day, April 22, 2014, we announced the three Protect Your Playground submissions that we are granting a combined $7,000 to help make a reality. They range from a pilot composting initiative that breaks down scraps from the three resorts in Park City to mitigate carbon dioxide release, to a solar array that will illuminate a neighborhood's mailbox bank, to a program designed to incentivize local ground transportation companies to reduce their fleets' carbon emissions.

The entire family of nine POWDR Corp resorts is collectively distributing $40,000 to Protect Your Playgrounds in all of its respective communities. Each of the Protect Your Playground grant recipients around the country are proof that one person with a vision can make a difference.

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