Season Pass FAQ

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Season Pass FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Park City Mountain Resort pass products.

Q: Can I use this past season's Season Pass card this season?

A: Yes. Each pass holder may receive one replacement pass for $5 charge. The fee for subsequent replacements is $25.

Q: Where can I download a season pass waiver form?

A: You can download a Park City Mountain Resort waiver form from

Q: What can I do if I forgot my pass?

A: Season pass holders are required to pay $25.00 and have their pass replaced. However, if you were using your pass from a prior season, you will only need to pay $5.00 for the first reprint.

Q: What happens if someone else uses my pass?

A: Passholders are responsible for all pass usage. Passes used by persons other than passholder will be considered fraud. Passholder will be responsible for a $500.00 fine and 2nd offense may result in skiing/riding privileges being revoked. Control your pass!

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Refunds are given on a case by case basis and will only be considered for medical conditions such as injury, surgery and hospitalization. All refunds require documentation such as a letter from a physician. We must receive all documentation at the Resort Services Office within two weeks of the condition and absolutely no later than the resort's closing day. The amount of refund will be pro-rated based upon date and/or usage. All refunds are for that individual only. Documents can be faxed to 435-658-5531 or mailed to Resort Services Office, Park City Mountain Resort, PO Box 39, Park City, UT 84060.

Q: How does "reload" for my EZ Access Pass work?

A: EZ Access Passes will be available starting Summer 2014. If you still have your pass from the prior season then we can certainly reload it. We  just need you to sign this year's waiver, provide your Utah proof of residency documents and purchase the pass. You will need to do this either via our call center (800-227-7275) or in-person at the Resort Services Office as there is no online option available for reloading EZ Access passes at this time.

Q: What are Friends & Family Tickets?

A: Friends & Family Tickets are day tickets valid any day of the current winter season which can be given to a family member or a friend of the passholder's choosing. Selling or auctioning Friends & Family Tickets is considered Pass Fraud and theft of services, which is punishable by law. In addition, a passholder whose Friends & Family Tickets are found for sale could lose their pass privileges and be subject to a $500.00 fine.

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