Access Cards and Gates

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Park City Mountain Resort Access Card

When purchasing a lift ticket or pass from the resort, you will be given a Park City Mountain Resort access card at the same time. The access card is a plastic card with a Radio Frequency ID (RFID) chip inside. Once loaded with a valid ticket/pass, the access card will open the gates at the bottom of each lower mountain lift as the skier/rider passes through. If the ticket/pass has been used or is expired, the RFID chip can be reused by Park City Mountain Resort or reloaded with another valid ticket/pass. 

How to Use the Park City Mountain Resort Access Gates

Access gates will be located at all of our lower mountain entry lifts including PayDay, Crescent, First Time, 3 Kings and Eagle. (Also Town and Silver Star) You can simply place your access card in a pocket by itself.  Please approach the access gate one at a time and allow the Radio Frequency scanners to automatically scan and read the transmission from the card.  It will read your card through your jacket.   A valid card will open the gates and allow you access. DO NOT carry more than one Park City Mountain Resort access card at a time, as all access cards in your pocket could be scanned. 

Please note: Fast Tracks lanes are still available at Park City Mountain Resort’s 5 busiest lifts and will use the same access card and access gate technology.

Re-loadable / Reusable Lift Tickets with Access Card

Why reload?

  • Reloading allows you to go “Direct-to-Lift”, allowing you to avoid the extra stop and lines at the ticket windows
  • Reloading of eligible tickets will soon be available online at and combined with our mobile app, you may be eligible for special reload pricing and other promotions.If you are not going to use your access card in the future you can return it to PCMR to allow us to reuse the card.
  • Park City Mountain Resort is very focused on our environmental impacts, and by allowing us to reuse your card with a future customer, you will help us to continually work on minimizing our carbon footprint. 

Tickets and passes purchased from 3rd party vendors are not eligible for re-load.

Reload steps

  1. Log in or create an account at
  2. Register your ticket by entering your RFID chip ID (this is the 20 digit number between the dashes on the front of your ticket).
    RFID card
  3. You are ready to reload via our eStore or one of our apps (see links below)!

Reload is currently available via:

Our eStore

eStore screen caputre

Our iPhone app
(Click or scan the image below)
iTunes QR code 

Our Android app
(Click or scan the image below)
Android app link 

About the Park City Mountain Resort Access Card

How to wear You can wear the Park City Mountain Resort access card anywhere on your person. You do not need to remove the access card from your pocket for scanning. PLEASE keep the Park City Mountain Resort access card away from credit cards, cell phones, iPods, aluminum gum wrappers, avalanche beacons and all other electronic devices that may interfere with signal transmission. (Many winter jackets have a small pocket or sleeve in the arm of the jacket or around the waistline.  These pockets are specifically designed for RFID cards.)

Please do not put a hole in the Park City Mountain Resort access card for any reason. This will likely disable the card due to damage to the RFID chip or antenna.     

Children of all ages riding the lifts must have their own valid Park City Mountain Resort access card. Including children 6 & under skiing for free. Children must go through the RFID gate by themselves and not at the same time as an adult.

Please do not push the access gates as this could cause damage. Damaging the gates will result in loss of skiing and riding privileges.

Keep your Park City Mountain Resort access card to re-load on your next visit, drop it in one of the access card recycling bins located in the Resort Plaza, or return it to any ticket office location.

Lanyards – Park City Mountain Resort Lanyards and plastic sleeves that can hold your ticket or pass are available for sale at the Resort Services Office in the Resort Plaza. 

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