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Welcome to your Personal Mountain Tour. Follow the steps on the map by clicking through the tour and enjoy exploring our mountain!

Step 1

Board Eagle lift.

Step 2

Exit right off of Eagle lift. Take Temptation run. Board King Con lift.

Step 3

Exit left off of King Con lift. Take Sitka run to Broadway run to Hot Spot run. Board King Con lift.

Step 4

Exit right off of King Con lift. Take Chance run or Sitka run. Board King Con lift.

Step 5

Exit right off of King Con lift. Take King Con Run run. Board Silverlode lift.

Step 6

Exit right off of Silverlode lift. Take Homerun run to Assessment run. Board Silverlode lift.

Step 7

Exit right off of Silverlode lift. Take Parley's Park run. Board Silverlode lift.

Step 8

Exit right off of Silverlode lift. Take Parley's Park run to Carbide Cut run. Board Motherlode lift.

Step 9

Exit left off of Motherlode lift. Take Single Jack run. Board Thaynes lift.

Step 10

Exit left off of Thaynes lift. Take Homerun run to Jonesy's run to Mid-Mountain run. Board McConkey's lift.

Step 11

Exit left off of McConkey's lift. Take Tycoon run to Georgeanna run to Woodside run. Board Pioneer lift.

Step 12

Exit right off of Pioneer lift. Take Jupiter Access run. Board Thaynes lift.

Step 13

Exit left off of Thaynes lift. Take Homerun run to Silver Queen run to Treasure Hollow run. Enjoy legacycafe famous Halibut fish tacos for lunch. Board PayDay lift.


Step 14

Exit left off of PayDay lift. Take PayDay Run run to Quit 'N Time run. Board Town lift.

Step 15

Exit right off of Town lift. Take Drift run to Dividend run to Treasure Hollow run to the Resort Base Area Area.

Step 16

End your day at Legends restaurant in the Legacy Lodge.

Congratulations on discovering the mountain!

Tour Summary

This tour will provide you with a good overview of all that Park City Mountain Resort has to offer while staying on groomed blue level terrain. You'll take in some amazing vistas from the top of McConkey's Lift and the Summit House Restaurant as well as get a good feel for Mountainzones you may want to return to for further exploration. The Resort has several ways to access the upper part of the mountain from the lower and this tour gives you the opportunity to view an exclusive feature to Park City Mountain Resort. The Town Lift and Town Bridge provide direct access to Historic Main Street, a "must see" for visitors to Park City. If you are considering a trip up the Jupiter Lift, servicing only advanced terrain, this tour (with a run down Jupiter Access) will give you an opportunity to survey it, without actually committing your skis or snowboard to it.

Tour Tips

Due to varying conditions, we recommend you use the Daily Groomed Runs Map as well as our official Mountain Guide in conjunction with this Planner.


Park City Mountain Resort grooms up to 50 runs every night. Pick up a copy of our Daily Groomed Runs Map from the Information Desk in the Legacy Lodge or from any Mountain Host to see what we’ve groomed in the past 24 hours.

Signature Runs  

Conquer more of the mountain with our Signature Runs. These are runs not typically groomed because of their advanced nature. Look for them on your trail map and on-mountain signage.

Look for the following scenic photo opportunities on this tour:  

• The top of the King Con Lift looking over Crescent Ridge towards the town of Park City.
• The top of McConkey’s Lift looking back into Guardsman Pass Area.


We offer five different on-mountain dining options to keep you charged during your day on the mountain. The options range from burgers on the Summit House patio to the fresh pasta at the Legacy Lodge. For this tour we recommend stopping at the Snow Hut and enjoying a burger or brat on the deck.

Did you know?  

A Single Jack was a 2 pound hammer used by one miner to drive a hole into rock for placing dynamite. The Double Jack was a 5 pound hammer. One miner wielded the double jack with two hands, while a second miner held and turned the bit to produce the dynamite hole.

If you are feeling more confident try the following more difficult runs: Seldom Seen run, Creole run, Muckers run, Chance run and Heckler run.

Tour Stats

  Lift Run Vertical Distance
1 Eagle Temptation 805 3,625
2 King Con Sitka 1,200 4,969
3 King Con Chance 1,200 4,800
4 King Con King Con Run 520 1,890
5 Silverlode Assessment 1,305 7,168
6 Silverlode Parley's Park 1,305 5,895
7 Silverlode Parley's Park/Carbide Cut 1,281 5,682
8 Motherlode Single Jack 720 3,384
9 Thaynes Jonesy's/Mid-Mtn 815 6,336
10 McConkey's Tycoon 1,193 7,128
11 Pioneer Jupiter Access 900 8,691
12 Thaynes Homerun/Silver Queen/Treasure Hollow 2,305 13,540
13 PayDay Payday Run/Quit 'N Time 1,214 6,135
14 Town Lift Drift/Dividend/Treasure Hollow 1,155 7,060
14 Lifts 21 Runs 15,918 86,303
        16.35 Miles
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