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100% Carefree Adventure
Bumps / Steeps
17,775 vertical feet
91,618 linear feet
17.35 miles

Blue Level Tour - Bumps / Steeps - Relaxed

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Welcome to your Personal Mountain Tour. Follow the steps on the map by clicking through the tour and enjoy exploring our mountain!

Step 1

Board PayDay lift. Take Dividend run to lower Homerun run. Board PayDay lift.

Step 2

Exit left off of PayDay lift. Take Widow Maker run. Board PayDay lift.

Step 3

Exit right off of PayDay lift. Follow Bonanza Access run to Bonanza lift. Board Bonanza lift.

Step 4

Exit right off of Bonanza lift. Follow Homerun run to Jonesy's run Run. Board Bonanza lift.

Step 5

Exit right off of Bonanza lift. Take Homerun run to either Powder Keg run or Assessment run. Board Silverlode lift.

Step 6

Exit left off of Silverlode lift. Take Homerun run to Hidden Splendor run. Board Silverlode lift.

Step 7

Exit right off of Silverlode lift. Follow Parley's Park run to Single Jack run. Board Thaynes lift.

Step 8

Exit left off of Thaynes lift. Take Parley's Park run to either Fools Gold run or Glory Hole run. Board Motherlode lift.

Step 9

Exit straight off of Motherlode lift. Stop at Summit House restaurant for lunch or take Parley's Park run. By-pass Silverlode lift to Broadway run. Board King Con lift.

Step 10

Exit left off of King Con lift. Follow King Con Ridge run, take either Sitka run or Shamus run. Board King Con lift.

Step 11

Exit left off of King Con lift. Take either Eureka run or Monitor run. Board King Con lift.

Step 12

Exit right off of King Con lift. Take King Con Run run or Rosebud run. Board Silverlode lift.

Step 13

Exit right off of Silverlode lift. Proceed past the Summit Demo Center and take Double Jack run. Board Thaynes lift

Step 14

Exit left off of Thaynes lift. Proceed to Summit Demo Center.  Have your photo taken by one of our photographers.

Step 15

Take Homerun to Silver Queen run to Treasure Hollow run and to Resort Base Area area.

Step 16

End your day at Legends restaurant in the Legacy Lodge.

Congratulations on discovering the mountain!

Tour Summary

In the age of grooming and more grooming, bumps can sometimes be hard to find. This tour will give you a good idea of where we let moguls live on our mountain. This tour was designed to fulfill your second terrain preference - the steeps, if the bumps were scheduled for demolition the previous night. Park City Mountain Resort has a unique offering in the grooming department. Our Signature Runs are groomed runs not typically groomed because of their advanced nature. Given the typical angle of a black diamond run, this takes time and expertise. The result for our guests is more mountain to explore and conquer. If you like what you find on these runs, check the Daily Grooming report for other options to supplement your tour. From the top of King Con, you will be treated to some great views of Park City.

Tour Tips

Due to varying conditions, we recommend you use the Daily Groomed Runs Map as well as our official Mountain Guide in conjunction with this Planner.


Park City Mountain Resort grooms up to 50 runs every night. Pick up a copy of our Daily Groomed Runs Map from the Information Desk in the Legacy Lodge or from any Mountain Host to see what we’ve groomed in the past 24 hours.

Signature Runs  

Conquer more of the mountain with our Signature Runs. These are runs not typically groomed because of their advanced nature. Look for them on your trail map and on-mountain signage.

Look for the following scenic photo opportunities on this tour:  

• The top of the King Con Lift looking over Crescent Ridge towards the town of Park City.
• The top of McConkey’s Lift looking back into Guardsman Pass Area.


We offer five different on-mountain dining options to keep you charged during your day on the mountain. The options range from burgers on the Summit House patio to the fresh pasta at the Legacy Lodge. For this tour we recommend stopping at the Snow Hut and enjoying a burger or brat on the deck.

Did you know?  

A Single Jack was a 2 pound hammer used by one miner to drive a hole into rock for placing dynamite. The Double Jack was a 5 pound hammer. One miner wielded the double jack with two hands, while a second miner held and turned the bit to produce the dynamite hole.

If you are feeling more confident try the following more difficult runs: Seldom Seen run, Creole run, Muckers run, Chance run and Heckler run.

Mountainzones Overview

Park City Mountain Resort offers the freedom to explore our unique mountain topography through seven distinct Mountainzones. Each Mountainzone presents a variety of terrain that allows nearly every ability level the opportunity to enjoy the area.

The seven Mountainzones are broken up by lifts that serve the area. They include the Mountainzones of the easily accessible PayDay/Town, challenging Crescent, centrally-located Silverlode/Bonanza, Intermediate nirvana King Con/Silver Star, More Difficult Thaynes/Motherlode, Expert only Jupiter and Majestic McConkey’s/Pioneer.

Discover one Mountainzone at a time, or find out how easy it is to navigate from one to another. To get information on all of our Mountainzones, please click here.

This Tour's Featured Mountainzone:
Silverlode/Bonanza Mountainzone

Silverlode/Bonanza Mountainzone

The Silverlode/Bonanza Mountainzone is served via the Silverlode and Bonanza Hi-Speed Six–Packs. In addition, this Mountainzone offers multiple, convenient options for accessing other areas of the mountain.

The terrain options in the Silverlode/Bonanza Mountainzone range from:

  • The evergreen-lined runs of Powder Keg run and Assessment run.
  • The steep open Signature Runs of Dynamite run and Prospector run.
  • The bumps on Newport run.
  • The start of the Resort’s longest run, Homerun run (3.5 miles).
  • The thrill of swooshing through the trees on Detonator Adventure Alley , Shortfuse Adventure Alley, Blaster Adventure Alley or TNT Adventure Alley Adventure Alleys.

Silverlode /Bonanza Mountainzone is perfect for groups skiing and riding with people of all ability levels.

This Mountainzone is very central, and provides easy access to the other six Mountainzones.

Spectacular views from the Summit House restaurant heated deck provide a great venue for lunch. Demo top-of-the-line skis from the Summit Demo Center. Enjoy the afternoon sun and friendly atmosphere at the Snowhut restaurant.

Tour Stats

  Lift Run Vertical Distance
1 PayDay Dividend/Treasure Hollow 1,278 6,625
2 PayDay Nail Driver 1,278 6,350
3 PayDay Bonanza Access 150 1,869
4 Bonaza Jonesy's 1,122 6,250
5 Bonaza Powder Keg 1,300 6,943
6 Silverlode Assessment 1,305 7,168
7 Silverlode Hidden Splendor 1,305 6,943
8 Silverlode Single Jack 722 3,277
9 Thaynes Glory Hole 1,417 7,525
10 Motherlode Parley's Park/Broadway 1,943 10,405
11 King Con Sitka 1,200 4,969
12 King Con Eureka 1,200 5,069
13 King Con King Con Run 520 1,890
14 Silverlode Double Jack 730 2,795
15 Thaynes Homerun/Silver Queen/Treasure Hollow 2,305 13,540
15 Lifts 19 Runs 17,775 91,618
        17.35 Miles
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