Après Live Music: Dragondeer at the Canyons Village Stage
Finish up your day on the slopes with live music performed by Dragondeer.
Daily: Apr 06 - Apr 06
4:00 - 6:00 PM
Canyons Village Stage
Culled from the vestiges of some of the most important bands Colorado has ever produced, Dragondeer has conjured a singular and neoteric sound that both nods to the past and eschews fears of modern influence. They draw from all corners of the American sound and when asked about the inspiration for their new album, the members of Denver-based Dragondeer, all describe a similarly surreal scene. Each mined solace from the bucolic, unfamiliar surroundings, which, according to bassist Casey Sidwell was, “somehow soothing and creepy all at once.” From the opening soul-dirge title track of If You Got the Blues, the debut full length album from Dragondeer, the effect of the atmosphere is prominent.