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  • Guests 4 years old & under may receive a complimentary lift ticket in person at the ticket windows
  • All guests must be able to approach the chairlift load point under their own power.
  • Dogs are not permitted on chairlifts and gondolas.
  • Children in carrier packs are not allowed to ride chairlifts.
  • Scenic Ride Day Passes may be purchased below or at the Park City Mountain Village ticket windows during operating hours (ticket window close 15 minutes prior to resort closing).
  • Summer Lift Access/Bike Haul Season Passes must be purchased from the Park City Mountain Village ticket windows, and passes are non-transferrable.
  • Lifts and activities subject to change/closure at any time due to weather, wildlife and/or capacity.

Lift Access/Bike Haul Season Pass

Please visit the Park City Mountain Village ticket windows starting May 28th to purchase your Lift Access/Bike Haul summer season pass. 

Foot passenger lift access begins on May 28th. Bike haul will begin on June 18th, weather and conditions permitting.


  • Lift Access/Bike Haul Season Pass - Adult (Ages 13+) $150.00
  • Lift Access/Bike Haul Season Pass - Child (Ages 3-12) $75.00
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Park City Mountain Village


Mixed Used

Silver Spur 0.57 Mile Silver Spur is a short, .57-mile trail that begins just below the bottom of the Crescent Lift and base area activities, providing access to Spiro and Armstrong trails.
Armstrong -
Quickly becoming one of the most popular hiking trails in Park City, Armstrong is a mixed use trail but is uphill bike only, sharing a trailhead with Spiro and accessed via Silver Spur. It is 4 miles long with a sustained, but not steep, climb and intersects
with Mid Mountain trail.
Crescent Mine Grade (CMG) 3.9 Miles This scenic, mixed use trail intersects with Jenni’s and Mid Mountain. CMG is downhill bike only below the Jenni’s intersection and a recommended loop is to head up Jenni’s to the CMG intersection and then down CMG, creating a small, intermediate loop.
Flat Cable - Moderate climbing, intermediate technical trail. Accessible from Sweeney’s Switchbacks or Jenni’s Trail. 
Jenni's Trail 5.1 Miles This trail is accessed via the base area and is the recommended route for those looking to hike or bike down from the top of Town Lift or PayDay lift. 5.1 miles long, this is a wide singletrack trail with moderate grade. Jenni’s is available for hiking in both directions, but is uphill bike only until the CMG intersection where it is becomes usable for multidirectional biking. If you are biking down Jenni’s, you can take Loose Moose to lower CMG in order to get back to the base area. 
Loose Moose 1 Mile This 1 mile section of trail is a downhill hike and bike only trail which begins halfway up Jenni’s and joins in with lower CMG, providing an alternative way down from the midpoint of Jenni’s. A recommended loop is to start up Jenni’s, head down Loose Moose to the lower section of CMG, finishing the 4.1 mile loop at the base area.
Mid Mountain - Mid Mountain trail is one of Park City’s most famous and well-established singletrack trails and traverses the resort at roughly 8,000 feet, crossing all two world-class ski resorts in town. This beautiful trail can be accessed by many other trails that connect throughout the resort, creating many loop possibilities. 
Mojave 1 Mile The recommended route down from the top of Crescent lift. As a wide singletrack trail, Mojave allows for comfortable multidirectional hiking and biking with moderate, consistent grades and is great for all levels of hikers and bikers. Mojave also connects with Mid Mountain trail, providing further options for longer or shorter loops.
Spiro 3.1 Miles Spiro, one of the more popular trails in town, is 3.1 miles long and is great for both hiking and biking. Spiro climbs at a sustained grade through scenic switchbacks and meanders through aspens up toward the Mid Mountain trail. This trail is accessedfrom the base area via the Silver Spur trail and is great as an out-and-back option. 
Tommy's Two Step 1.5 Miles This wide singletrack trail is 1.5 miles long and is a great way to ascend or descend to/from the top of the Crescent lift. From the top of Crescent, this trail hides in aspen trees as it works its way through beautiful vegetation taking you to the Mid Mountain trail. A recommended hike is to ride the Crescent lift up, hike Tommy’s Two Step down to Mid Mountain and then ride either Town Lift or PayDay lift for a scenic ride back down to either the base area or Park City’s historic Main Street. 
Eagle 0.8 Mile Accessible from mile .8 up Spiro trail is Eagle trail. 14% grade, challenging as an uphill climb and intermediate downhill due to loose corners. 
John's To Sweeney's 3.4 Miles This recommended combination highlights the beauty of Park City and weaves through 3.4 miles of aspens from the top of Town Lift, working its way through Sweeney’s Switchbacks and continuing down to the base of Town Lift. This trail does have roots and rocky sections, creating some technical elements and making it ideal for more advanced riders. 



Canyons Village


Hiking Only Less Difficult Red Pine - Paired with the beginning of the Tombstone trail it is a great option for families looking for an easy, short loop hike accessible from the top of the Red Pine Gondola. 
More Difficult Tombstone 1.61 Miles Starting from Red Pine Lodge, this trail winds along a creek through a pine and fir forest, rising 900’ in 1.61 miles. Ending at the top of Tombstone lift, this hike offers wonderful ridgeline views and a bird’s-eye glimpse into the DreamScape Basin.
Very Difficult Crazy Miner - This trail cuts up through a north facing slope, largely in the shade, and follows a series of steep switchbacks through pine and fir forest up to the junction of the Tombstone and Fantasy Ridge trails.
Very Difficult Fantasy Ridge - This is our most difficult trail. Beginning at Tombstone Peak, this trail winds to the top of Peak 9350, offering panoramic views of Park City. The more adventurous hiker can continue across Fantasy Ridge, a knife edge ridge requiring some technical hiking over talus rock. Once you hit the road, follow it to the summit. The trail is marked with rock cairns.
Mix Use
Easy Nature Trail 0.75 Mile This family-friendly trail is a 0.75 mile loop starting and ending at Red Pine Lodge. It’s a wide trail designed for hikers and beginner mountain bikers, filled with scenic views of wildlife and plants. 
Alpine Lake Trail 1.6 Miles Alpine Lake is a family-friendly spacious trail that provides mixed use access to Mid Mountain trail and Alpine Lake. The trail is 1.6 miles long, with a minor drop / gain in elevation. 
More Difficult Holly's 4 Miles This trail brings hikers and bikers to and from Red Pine Lodge via the base area and the bottom of Red Pine Gondola. Although the trail can be used in either direction, down is preferred (especially for bikers). This trail drops 900’ in approximately 4 miles. Leave Red Pine Lodge on the Mid Mountain trail and head over to Lookout Peak. From there, follow Holly’s to the base area. 
More Difficult Ambush 2.7 Miles This 2.7 mile singletrack can be accessed from Holly’s near Sun Lodge with 1,200’ of elevation gain. Ambush provides access to Mid Mountain, Rosebud’s Heaven and Rob’s.
More Difficult Goldfinger - Accessible from either Iron Man or Mid Mountain, this trail is full of switchbacks and is best enjoyed from the south to the north.
Most Difficult Wasatch Crest Ridge Connector - Accessed from the Mid Mountain trail, this is a difficult climb that gains access to the Wasatch Crest trail and upper Mill Creek Canyon. In the shade all day, this trail is the perfect escape from the mid-day heat. Does not return to resort base. 


While on-mountain trails at Park City Mountain remain open for public-access hiking and biking, in order to successfully maintain physical distancing, the Park City Mountain Bike Patrol will not be providing courtesy rides for guests this summer including rides for flat tires and fatigued guests. In case of medical emergency, guests riding out of the Park City Mountain Village can contact Park City Mountain Dispatch (435-615-1911) for assistance during resort operating hours. Outside of Resort operating hours, guests should call 911 for assistance.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions: Every participant should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, motion sickness, heart, back, and neck problems, or any other condition(s) that could be aggravated by the participation in an activity. We recommend that expectant mothers do not participate in any activities. To the extent that an expectant mother chooses to participate, it is her responsibility to seek and receive medical clearance from her physician prior to doing so.

Summer Safety

Avoid High Altitude Illness
  • The top of the resort is almost two miles above sea level!
  • Exercise in moderation.
  • Drink more water than usual. When you combine altitude with physical exertion, you need to drink before you get thirsty.
  • Eat food high in carbohydrates, such as grains, pasta, fruits and vegetables and avoid salty foods.
  • Limit alcohol consumption. Drinking alcohol and cheating yourself on sleep the night before you hike or bike is a big mistake. Use common sense.
  • Eat and drink before you hit the trail. Take extra water and high-energy food with you on the trail.

Dress Appropriately for Changing Weather
  • Wear adequate footgear with good arch, ankle support and non-skid soles.
  • Mountain weather may change at any time without warning. Thunder and lightning are very common. Be prepared for bad weather. Always carry extra, warm and waterproof clothing, including a hat.
  • Sunglasses are important not only for UV protection, but also protection from the wind which can make it hard to see objects around you.

Use Proper Skin Care Protection
  • Be sun savvy. Utah sunshine is so intense that being outdoors without sunscreen or protective eyewear is not recommended. Ultraviolet rays are more powerful at higher elevations.
  • Use sunglasses that have UV protection or are polarized.
  • Also, regardless of your skin color or complexion, everyone needs to wear sunscreen, even on overcast days when ultraviolet rays still penetrate cloud cover. Go for at least 15 SPF and apply several times a day. Look for broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays.

Online Cancellation Policy

Summer activity products are non-transferable and non-refundable once activated, but may be changed or cancelled in some circumstances. Requests for changes or cancellations must be received prior to ticket window closure on the reservation date, ticket(s) must be unused, and guest must have proof of purchase. Please visit the Park City Mountain Village ticket windows or call (435) 649-8111 between 10am and 5pm and select the last prompt to speak with a Resort Operator for more information.