Choose Your Own Adventure: Super Condor

Posted February 2, 2022

With 7,300 acres of terrain and over 330 trails, there is a lot to explore at Park City Mountain! In this edition of Choose Your Own Adventure, we’re spotlighting one of our favorite areas for long blues and steep blacks: Super Condor Express.


Ability Level: 

Advanced and Intermediate


How to get there:

The Super Condor Express is located at the northern-most boundary of the mountain and is easily accessible via Canyons Village. For easy access, hop on the Orange Bubble Express and ski down Echo trail to Eclipse to Flume to the base of the Super Condor Express Lift. Hop on Super Condor and let the fun begin!


Some of Our Favorite Trails

There’s a lot to explore once you reach the top of Super Condor. Here are three of our favorite trails to help you choose your own adventure:


Intermediate Blue: Boa

Boa is one of the longest trails at Park City Mountain, which is lucky for us because it’s also one of the most beautiful runs you’ll find at any resort. Once you’ve reached the top of Super Condor lift, look up the mountain to the right and you’ll see the blue trail sign for Boa. Framed by fragrant pine trees on your right and stunning aspens on your left, Boa is the perfect trail for carving the perfect turn. Take a deep breath and feel the breeze on your cheeks as you take in the scenery and enjoy the subtle scent of pine. 


Advanced Black Diamond: Aplande

If you’re looking for an expert, local recommendation, look no further than Aplande Park City Mountain Ski Patrol Director Lynne Offret praises this trail as one of her personal favorites! This is a long, north-facing black diamond trail so the snow surface is almost always great. It has a perfect pitch for big powder days and for days when our groomers have laid down the perfect corduroy, which thanks to our incredible grooming team is often!

Expert’s Only Double Black Diamond: Murdock Peak

If you want to experience snow at the top of the world, this might be the spot for you, but be warned, Murdock’s is not for the faint of heart. To enjoy this area of prime double-black diamond terrain, you have to earn it by hiking past Super Condor Lift up to top of the 9,602’ Murdock Peak. Once there, you’ll find spectacular views and, if Mother Nature delivers, the most perfect Park City powder. You’ll definitely earn some bragging rights after conquering this adventure, but make sure to come prepared by checking out the snow conditions before you go and observing all boundary ropes and signage.  


Insider Tips

-You can easily spend a full morning or day exploring Condor.

-Condor is a great spot to enjoy on a powder day and is often overlooked by skiers and riders heading up to terrain at Ninety-Nine 90 or Jupiter Bowl.

-To get back up to mountain after tackling Super Condor, head back down to Canyons Village via Willow Draw and hop on the Orange Bubble Express or Red Pine Gondola.

-Be prepared: when you’re exiting the Super Condor area, you’ll likely need to use the rope-tow Rip Cord to help get over a small uphill portion on Willow Draw. We know your legs are getting a lot of exercise on the mountain and we felt your arms deserved some love as well.