Today's Grooming
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The trails “groomed overnight” were groomed on swing shift (4pm – 12am) the night before opening, while the “freshly groomed” trails were groomed on grave shift (12am – 9am) the morning of opening. The freshly groomed trails tend to be softer in the morning and trails that were groomed overnight tend to be a little firmer, but will soften as the sun hits them.
“Wall-to-wall” refers to a saying our groomers use— “Wall-to-wall, groom it all”. This means each groomed trail is groomed from one edge for the entire length of the trail. This method provides the most corduroy for you to ski on each day.
Each morning after the grooming shifts are over, the groomers pick a few trails that turned out exceptionally well and they are proud of and would like to steer our guests toward.
Groomers drive large on-mountain vehicles called snowcats. One specific snowcat, called a winch cat, is built with a winch on the back and assists the groomer up and down the steeper slopes so it does not lose traction. Park City has six winch cats that go out nightly.