6 Romantic Date Night Spots in Park City

Park City Resort is a great spot for couples to relax and enjoy each other's company, home to some of the most romantic spots in Park City.
February 26, 2024

Woman and Man Enjoy Drinking a Beer During Apres at Park City

Whether you visit for a long weekend or a week-long adventure, Park City is the ideal vacation destination for couples to connect. There are endless opportunities for both exciting daytime activities and date night spots at Park City, which is the largest ski resort in North America.  

Creating a memorable date night in Park City isn't difficult at these 6 best romantic spots. Explore one or explore them all, the possibilities are endless! 

1. The Farm 

The Farm is among the most romantic spots in Park City, perfect for an elegant date night. The romantic atmosphere is dim and cozy, perfect for conversation over top-rated food and drinks. The Farm features a rotating seasonal menu with American-inspired meals which pair great with the robust wine and cocktail selections. 

Located in the Canyons Village portion of Park City, this top spot for a date night in Park City sets itself apart from other dining locations by using locally sourced ingredients that deliver the freshest flavor. If preferred, you and your date can also dine outside on the cozy patio for a great view of all the happenings of Canyons Village. You can count on The Farm for a superior dinner date night in Park City. 

2. Rock Resorts Spa at the Grand Summit 

Want to do something different than a traditional dinner date? Schedule a massage at one of the most romantic spots in Park City, the Rock Resorts Spa. You and your date can schedule individual massages or try a couples massage together in this relaxing atmosphere. Rock Resorts allows each visitor to customize their 50 or 80-minute massage guided by the best massage therapists around.  

Each personalized massage experience encompasses a mixture of massage techniques, including deep tissue and Swedish massage practices. You and your date will leave the Rock Resorts Spa at the Grand Summit feeling refreshed and connected. 

3. The Viking Yurt 

Get the full winter wonderland experience at the Viking Yurt, a unique fine-dining experience perfect for date night. Your night here is guaranteed to be one of your most memorable dates as a couple! Each date night begins with a 23-minute sleigh ride which travels up to 1,800 feet. During your sleigh ride, you and your date can take in the romantic setting, complete with incredible views of Park City and surrounding mountains. 

After the sleigh ride, you'll return to the start and head inside for a European meal, complete with six courses of gourmet food. Your meal begins with a drink, followed by soup, salad, a sorbet cleanser plate, an entree, a cheese course, and of course, dessert. 

For couples feeling adventurous, a date night at The Viking Yurt is the spot to experience something new while visiting Park City Resort. Not to mention, you'll also have the chance to try new foods, inspired by mountain cuisine.  

4. Fletcher's 

Located in the heart of Main St. in Park City, UT, Fletcher's is a go-to lounge for date night in Park City. Rated the Diner's Choice Award in 2017 and 2022 Traveler's Choice by TripAdvisor, this romantic spot is perfect for couples looking for an elegant spot to share drinks. Couples can start the night off by sharing delicious small plates, such as the top-rated cheddar chive biscuits. There's plenty to drink at Fletcher's to pair with your appetizers. The specialty cocktails will surely entice you, with names such as 'Whiskey Fletch' or 'Pain Killer'. 

A couples date night at Fletcher's is perfect for unbeatable service, top-tier food, and elegant specialty cocktails. If you're looking for a spot for quiet conversation, Fletcher's is a great choice for your date night in Park City. 

5. Old Town Cellars 

Nothing sets the tone for a romantic night more than enjoying a glass of wine together. Old Town Cellars is the best romantic spot in Park City to try a private wine-tasting experience. Located in the historic Main St. area, a private tasting will give you and your date a unique way to connect that's different than your classic date night experience. 

This 19th-century-themed silver mining lounge offers private tasting of its exceptional wines, giving you a chance to find your favorite to take home. If you're visiting last minute, stop by the Old Town Cellars bar and lounge area unannounced to enjoy a glass of wine or local brews on a whim. 

6. Ice Skating in Park City 

A visit to the Resort Center Ice Rink is the perfect way to kick off your date night in Park City. At night, this stunning ice rink lights up, creating a romantic setting to make memories. Try ice skating with your date in this ambient setting, while listening to upbeat mood music in the background. Skate rentals are available rink-side. Around the rink, you'll find several stands to grab a hot cocoa or coffee after you're done skating. 

The Resort Center Ice Rink is just steps away from dozens of bars and restaurants, including the popular spot for authentic Mexican food, Baja Cantina. Try ice skating followed by dinner for an easy-to-plan date night in Park City. 

Plan an Unforgettable Date Night at Park City Resort 

A visit to Park City Resort gives couples endless date night opportunities to explore. With romantic spots in Park City to visit both the Mountain Village and Canyons Village sides, you and your partner won't run out of exciting new experienced to share together here at Park City. Now, the only thing left to do is decide when you're headed to Park City Resort and which of these 6 romantic spots in Park City you'll visit.