4 Places to See the Leaves Changing Near Park City

Check out the best places for hikers to see fall foliage in Park City, Utah. Enjoy the beautiful fall colors like never before!
November 29, 2023

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Nestled in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, picturesque Park City is a world-renowned destination for outdoor activities and stunning landscapes. During the fall season, the region is at the peak of its beauty, with aspens turning golden and oaks blazing red. Don't miss the fall foliage in Park City, explore some of the best places to see fall colors in the area and experience this fall destination for yourself. 

The fall colors begin in mid-September in the higher elevations, and Park City's fall foliage is breathtaking during this time. By its peak in early October, the hillsides are carpeted in golden aspens, red scrub oaks, and fiery red maples, creating a glow across Park City Mountain. Visitors can enjoy the foliage by taking scenic drives and hiking in the mountains during this beautiful time of year. 

If you’re planning your fall adventure, here's your guide to see fall colors in Park City, Utah, and where to immerse yourself in its beauty.  

1. Park City Mountain Resort   

Park City Mountain Resort is the ideal destination for nature enthusiasts seeking the beauty of the changing seasons. Hikers and cyclists traverse the various trails and marvel at how the land, once covered in white snow or deep green foliage, has changed to a rich tapestry of red, orange, yellow, and deep purple. 

Rob's Trail is a local favorite. The trail has an elevation gain of 775 ft. and is 4.2 miles long roundtrip. It's suitable for hikers and bikers of all skill levels. The trail takes you through groves of golden Aspen trees and offers hikers incredible spots to witness the changing fall landscapes of the canyon slopes.  

Hikers enjoy watching the Park City, Utah, fall colors come to life at sunset as the last rays give the foliage a warm, golden glow, casting a stunning ambiance over the landscape. 

2. Provo Canyon  

Provo Canyon is a beautiful place to visit in the fall for a scenic drive, with river views and opportunities for short family hikes, all within a short distance from Park City Resort.  

Explore the vivid fall colors of Provo Canyon, starting about a 20-minute drive from Park City Resort. Along the 26-mile scenic byway, you'll find over 12 different parks that offer unique experiences, well-kept trails and lots of natural beauty. There’s always a photo opportunity, so don’t forget the camera as you take in views of the Provo River, Mt. Timpanogos, and the serene Deer Creek Reservoir. Another bonus is the chance for short pretty hikes in this picturesque canyon, making it an ideal day trip during your stay.  

Two family-friendly short hikes in Provo Canyon are the Bridal Veil Falls Trail, which offers a gentle walk to a beautiful waterfall, and the Lower Provo River Parkway Trail, perfect for a leisurely stroll alongside the river with picturesque views. Both hikes provide easy access to nature for families to enjoy. 

3. Guardsman Pass Scenic Byway 

The Guardsman Pass is a beautiful byway connecting Park City to the Big Cottonwood Canyon (above). The road leads to the summit of Guardsman Pass at an elevation of 9700 feet.  

The drive to the summit takes an hour tops when going for a one-way drive without making any stops. You won't incur any tolls for taking this byway, so you can take as long as you want, marveling at its natural beauty.  

During fall, the mountains along this byway come alive as the aspen trees turn into colorful shades of gold, orange, and red — creating a scenic landscape perfect for photography and hiking. The Guardsman Pass is also a haven for wildlife and bird lovers; from deer to majestic elk to sparrows and hawks, there's no shortage of fauna here. Remember to bring a camera to capture these animals in their natural habitat. 

There are no facilities and services along the byway, with the only available ones in Park City, Brighton, and Midway. Keep this in mind as you start the 14-mile drive to this heavenly destination. 

4. Silver Lake Trail 

The Silver Lake Trail is a 4.5-mile out-and-back trail situated within the Big Cottonwood Canyon and leads to Silver Lake itself. The trail is well-marked and well-maintained, ensuring you'll be safe as you hike. It is a foot-traffic-only trail, but taking the Sterling Express chairlift up is also an option. You'll still be required to hike down on foot. 

One notable feature of this trail is its ADA accessibility, as it is designed to accommodate wheelchairs and other non-motorized forms of transport, such as baby strollers. This feature, implemented during the spring of 2023, has made it possible for people with disabilities to enjoy the relatively easy loop around the lake with breathtaking views of the changing foliage. 

Park City Hiking Etiquette 

Following the appropriate hiking etiquette is crucial for your safety and the environment. Whether you're a visitor or a local, both the written and unwritten laws apply. For a safe hiking excursion, these are the guidelines you should follow: 

1. Follow the Leave No Trace policy: Leave the trails and surroundings as you find them. Pack all trash and waste from your activities and dispose of them properly. Failure to do this leads to wildlife frequenting the trails, with the unfriendly ones threatening human life. 

2. Stay on the trail: Prevent eroding the environment by staying on the trail at all times and avoiding creating new ones. Remember to be friendly toward fellow hikers and be helpful when necessary.  

3. Hike within your abilities: Some trails have a high elevation, which can strain physically unfit hikers — or anyone. Some may require expert hiking skills. Ensure you choose trails to prevent tiring yourself to the point where your trip feels like a chore. If you're physically challenged, choose ADA-compliant trails and always have a guide to assist you if difficulties arise. 

4. Leave nature as you find it: As human beings, we are visual creatures, and this makes us prone to chasing and acquiring our desires. This doesn't apply to hiking! Leave the colorful flowers where you see them since other hikers also deserve to enjoy their beauty.  


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