Spectacular Snowshoe Hikes in Park City, Utah

Interested in snowshoeing? Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, snowshoe hikes in Park City offer variety and unforgettable scenery.
Dec 3, 2023

Snow Covered Tree on McConkeys at Park City

While it's the largest ski resort in North America, Park City is also a world-class destination for all kinds of winter sports, including snowshoeing. Whether you’re a newbie or have tons of experience, the snowshoe hikes in Park City offer expansive, diverse terrains — with miles and miles of unforgettable scenic views. 

Snow Conditions in Park City 

Park City snow has a low moisture content, thanks to the high altitude and cold, dry climate. This makes it light, fluffy and powdery — the “champagne snow” that all ski aficionados and snowshoe enthusiasts love. 

About Snowshoeing 

A snowshoe hike is exactly like a regular hike — but you’re wearing snowshoes. Snowshoes enable you to walk (or “traverse,” in snowshoe terminology) over the drift-covered terrain without sinking into the snow. With snowshoes, you can go exploring all over a snowy mountaintop as you take in the stunning views that winter in Park City offers.  

What You’ll Need for Snowshoe Hiking 

  • These are must-haves for your snowshoe hike: 
  • Good snowshoes that fit well, with sturdy bindings to attach to your boots 
  • Snowshoe poles (to help you stay balanced) 
  • Ski underwear (also known as ski pants and tops or “long underwear”) 
  • Sweat-wicking outer top and pants 
  • Warm, insulated coat or jacket 
  • Protective hat and gloves 
  • Boots that are designed for snow wear 

If you haven't yet invested in snowshoe gear, you can rent all the snowshoe equipment you need at one of Park City's many rental locations.  

If you’re brand new to snowshoeing, Park City is the perfect place for your first hike. You'll find great instructors who can make you look like a pro in no time. If you have experience but haven’t gone snowshoeing in a while, Park City’s instructors will give you the tips you need to bring you up to speed. And if you prefer hiking with other people, you can also join a snowshoe hiking group. 

5 Snowshoe Trails in Park City 

Snowshoeing in Park City is ideal for people of any skill level because of the hundreds of miles of trails and wide variety of terrains. These are five of the best snowshoe trails in Park City: 

1. Gambel Oak Loop 

A fun and easy trek for beginners (but with enough scenic interest for everyone), Gambel Oak Loop is 4.1-mile loop trail that offers ample opportunity for wildlife viewing. Generally, this loop takes an average of 1 hr 51 min to complete. The trailhead starts in the middle of town, and the path lies mostly flat, but the sweeping views of the peaks, Park City and Deer Valley make this a worthwhile expedition for snowshoers of all levels. 

2. East 224 Connector 

Considered moderately challenging, East 224 Connector is a 3.8-mile trail that’s especially popular with birdwatchers and cross-country skiers. As you continue down the path, you'll meander right into the Swaner Nature Reserve, a spectacular natural habitat where you'll have the chance to admire some wildlife. Generally, this route takes an average of 1 hr 14 min to complete. 

3. McLeod Creek Trail 

McLeod Creek Trail is wide and flat, so it’s ideal for beginners, but the gorgeous views and scenic diversity bring all levels of snowshoers out to enjoy this six-mile route (takes about 2 hrs to complete). Sights to see include the beautiful creek in wintertime, the snow-covered bridges and farmhouse barns, and the wildlife along the Swaner Nature Preserve. 

4. Rockport Lake Trail 

Ideal for snowshoers of all levels, Rockport Lake Trail has two miles of flat terrain, making it easy for beginners to traverse. The lake is a stunning sight in the winter, and there are breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks and valleys. Generally taking under an hour to complete, this route is perfect for those looking for something short and sweet 

5. Round Valley Rail Trail 

With 700 acres of protected open space, Round Valley Rail Trail comprises these five trailheads that are popular with hikers, bikers and (in the winter) snowshoers: 

  • Quinn’s Junction 
  • Round Valley Way 
  • The Cove 
  • Highland Drive 
  • Old Ranch Road 

Quinn's Junction is the main trailhead in the Round Valley system, and many snowshoers start their journey here. All five trailheads provide great scenic views of nearby mountain peaks, and there's also a good chance of spotting some wildlife along the way. 

Plan Your Winter Adventure in Park City 

Whether you’ve spent the day skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding or just relaxing on a snowy terrace, you’ll enjoy the warm welcome you get at Park City’s hospitable restaurants, après-ski bars and lodges. Plan your trip to Park City, the perfect winter fun-filled vacation destination for everyone. This is your mountain, where you can create the vacation experience you want for yourself, your friends and your family.