7 Things to Do With Friends in Park City

If you're looking for things to do with friends in Park City, there's no shortage of fun things to experience.
March 25, 2024

Friends hike together during a summer day at Park City

Park City is a ski resort tucked away in Utah. It’s a beautiful part of the country with stunning views and some impressive ski runs. If you’re headed here in a group, you’ll be thrilled to know there are lots of things to do with friends in Park City — even with friends who don't ski or snowboard. This ski resort is set on two mountains in two towns that form one fun-packed resort. 

1. Grab a Bite to Eat 

There’s just something about sitting down and eating with friends that is so much fun. You can catch up on what’s happening in each other’s lives while enjoying good food. At Park City, that’s even easier with all the dining choices available. 

For a delightful après, consider the Red Tail Grill. They offer several cocktails, and you can always order a beer. Regarding food, the superfoods salad with blackened salmon is one of the best salads available — it's full of flavor.  

Also, on the mountain is The Farm. This incredible restaurant has massive windows to give you the best view possible, but the food is also raved about. Try the sous vide steak, packed with flavor and tender enough to cut with a fork. Located opposite the Red Pine Gondola, this restaurant is easy to find, too. 

If you want something simple, stop by Murdock’s Café to pick up a sandwich or breakfast burrito. They have many options, and they’re almost all good for takeaway if you want to get back to skiing fast. 

2. Ride the Alpine Coaster 

Need a bit more excitement in your life? Grab your friends and head to the Alpine Coaster. This ride uses toboggans that run along rails for the ultimate coaster experience. You’ll zip through the snow with all the excitement of sledding but without slowing down as you slide through the snow. Instead, you and your friends will be moving at high speeds for the ride of your life. 

3. Have a Drink Together 

Grabbing and après-ski drink with friends is one of the best things to do in Park City. You can start at Mid Mountain Lodge, with its full bar. There’s a huge deck that is just waiting for you and your friends to claim a spot. A sign that this is a good place to hang out is that it’s popular among the locals as well as tourists. 

The Umbrella Bar is located in the middle of Canyons Village and has a 360° deck, though the building is mostly glass. You get amazing views no matter where you decide to sit. There are quite a few drink options here, perfect to pair with classic small bites and plates. This is where you can go if you want to drink with your friends and just nibble, as opposed to enjoying a full meal. 

4. Take a Shopping Trip 

Need a break from skiing? Not a problem. You can enjoy one of the three villages found in Park City. There’s Canyons Village, Park City Mountain Village, and Historic Main Street. Here, you’ll find everything you might need for your trip. Shopping can be a fun activity to do with friends in Park City. 

All the top activewear brands are represented here, with Patagonia, North Face, and True North available in their own storefronts. You can pick up a new snowboard, a jacket, or any one of several souvenirs for the friends left back home. Even just taking a stroll down Historic Main Street is an experience. 

5. Get a Massage 

After a day or two on the slopes, you’ll be more than ready for a nice massage. This is one of many things to do with friends in Park City to help you feel refreshed and relaxed after all that time on your skis. The RockResorts Spa at the Grand Summit has many excellent options for easing aches and pains. The spa offers a therapeutic leg recovery treatment to stretch and cool the muscles while eliminating any swelling that may occur. 

You may also enjoy the Black Diamond detox, designed to pull out any toxins in the body. It includes dry brushing to exfoliate your skin and stimulate your lymph nodes. This makes it a great treatment for enhancing your immune system. Facials are also good, considering how much snow and sun your skin is getting on the slopes. Make sure your face isn’t suffering by getting a facial to eliminate any damage done. 

6. Tour the Historic Mines in the Area 

For history buffs, one of the fun things to do with friends in Park City is explore the historical mines of the area. Park City has a rich and diverse history that you and your pals can enjoy learning out in person. You’ll get to combine skiing with visiting the unique mining buildings that still stand in some parts of the mountain. 

In addition to learning more about the area's past and how the ski resort began as a silver mine, your tour guide will show you some of the hidden secrets in the Park City resort. There’s more than you might think tucked away in these hills. 

7. Enjoy a Seated Zipline 

Do you and your friends love heights? Enjoy zipping through the air on the Flying Eagle Zipline! It’s a unique ride in that you’ll be seated and not hanging from a harness. This makes it more comfortable for most people and means you can ride with a friend. It’s all the fun of ziplining in a safer, easier manner. 

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Park City, whether you are alone or with a group of friends. This is a resort designed to cater to everyone’s needs, and it’s done an excellent job of that. You’ll find more than enough things to do with friends at Park City, so you just need to book your trip. 

Park City is far more than just skiing. Are you ready to join in on the adventure at the largest ski resort in North America? Book your trip today!