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Posted on February 1, 2022

Man skiing with an instructor into town at Park City

With more than 7,300 acres of terrain at Park City Mountain, we are the largest ski resort in the United States. With so much to ski and ride, where does one begin?  Our seasoned Ski & Snowboard instructors have a lot of opinions on that, but the most important opinion is yours: what are your goals and what kind of adventure do you want to have here while exploring the mountain?

One of the key benefits of spending some time with us in the Ski & Snowboard School is our instructors can take you on a personalized mountain tour. If seeing more of the mountain is your goal, we can guide you across a variety of our favorite runs with the best scenery, unique terrain, and perhaps even recommend a few of our favorite pit stops for snacks or hot cocoa. If you are working on building specific skills—whether it be skiing in the trees or riding in steeper terrain—we can take you to the best areas of the mountain to hone your skiing and riding.

If today is your very first time on skis or a snowboard, or you are just looking to get comfortable and spend time as a family with varied skill levels, High Meadow Park is a fantastic option. Located at the top of the Red Pine Gondola, this is a dedicated learning area with a gentle slope that is perfect for beginners. Once you feel confident in High Meadow Park, we can venture out to other Adventure Alleys, where you can boost your skills off-trail.

Intermediate runs are plentiful here at Park City, so much so that it can be hard to know where to jump in. We have our Signature Runs for that very reason - if you see one of those, you’ll know it’s one we’ve hand-picked as a favorite. McConkey’s Hi-Speed Six-Pack Lift or King Con Quad Lift will take you to many of these Signature Runs, such as Georgianna or High Card. Each of our instructors have our favorites for different reasons, and we will show you the trails you might have otherwise missed.

Regardless of your level, make sure to download the EpicMix App on your phone ahead of your trip. The app has great tools to help guide your experience, including interactive maps, a place to track your mountain stats, and even a day planner. Once you’re finished taking your lesson for the day, ask us to help you put together a day planner, and we will be able to show you where to make the most out of your next day’s adventure. Let us guide you to create your best possible day on the mountain!

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